About Us

Lucas Resident Services Corporation (LRSC) was formed in 2011 as an affiliate of Lucas Metropolitan Housing (LMH). In 2014 LRSC received its 501c3 nonprofit status and is now a non-profit affiliate of LMH.

The Mission of LRSC is “to provide relief for the poor and distressed; to combat community deterioration; to eliminate discrimination; to provide training and assisting low-income families so that they may achieve self-sufficiency; and to foster the availability of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing for low and moderate incomeā€.

LMH Residents have growing needs unable to be totally fulfilled by LMH. LMH formed LRSC to provide direct services and funding to our residents including but not limited to rental assistance, utility assistance, assistance with the purchase of needed household items (furniture) etc. LRSC diligently serves our economically disadvantaged residents and in the future will be expanding to serve those disadvantaged within Lucas County. We will be providing employment resources, mentoring programs, financial literacy education, and financial assistance, to promote the elimination and relief of conditions of poverty, dependency, chronic unemployment, and underemployment.

We know that we cannot do this by ourselves and seek partners willing to share our vision through donations that support programs to reduce conditions of poverty.